Yoga has become, in a nut shell, my simple religion. I am so happy to be able to share this practice with the community. I am certified in Ashtanga Yoga, Mat Pilates, and I've completed my 200 hour registered Yoga teacher training . As I dive deeper into my own studies, my understanding of just how healing Yoga truly is, awakens and excites me as I look forward to helping others grow through their practice. Here you will find updates on where I am teaching and when! I hope to see you on your mat. Namaste!

Private Sessions

I am also available for private one on one, or small group Yoga and/or Pilates classes. Head to the About/Contact section of this blog to reach me or email me at

Group Classes 


Sage Yoga, Shelton CT

6:30pm Mindful Flow

This practice combines gentle Vinyasa with a restoring Yin influence. We move mindfully from asana (pose) to asana with a strong focus on pranayama (breath). The goal of this practice is to clear the chakras and bring awarness to the present moment, linking prana to both movement and stillness. This is a wonderful class for all level Yogis as it sets a strong foundation for new students and revisits the fundamentals of Yoga for more seasoned students. There is no previous experience required or suggested and all are welcome!