Supercharged Blood Moon Tea

July 26, 2018


I have so been feeling the effects of the upcoming Blood Moon Eclipse in Aquarius. Over the past couple of days I’ve actually experienced a couple of profound break throughs. Yesterday morning I sat for a guided meditation on loving and listening to yourself. Mid meditation I began to sob. It was a beautiful release that needed to happen! By the end of the meditation I was giving myself a big energetic hug, and for the first time in a long time I felt that I was truly home, in my own body.

Long story short, my breakthrough yesterday inspired this Moon Tea! Tomorrow’s (Friday 7/26/18) full Moon brings about an abundance of Devine feminine energy. As her color will change to red tones, and Mars snuggles close by, we are shedding outdated labels and roles that have been applied to women. The longer the eclipse lasts (which is said to be around 1 hour and 45 in duration) the more powerful the energy will become.

Before I share my Moon Tea recipe, I’ll share a few tips on how to harbor your emotions and make the most out of this beautiful time.

•with feeling and emotions being amplified, try to stay grounded
•spend extra time in nature, emerging your bare feet in the dirt or a water source
•place your palms on a tree trunk and imagine your roots growing deep into the ground
•eat lots of fruits and veggies (light, food from the earth will help to counteract any feelings of heaviness
•avoid confrontations and big decision making
•choose compassion, forgiveness and healing over any other emotions or feelings
•journal, meditate and take some gentle asanas to aid in releasing and surrendering
•work with gemstones and crystals to keep your vibrations high
•above all, tune into your body. You are home, dear one. Know this. And know that you are part of a whole universe that is experiencing a beautiful shift in energy and vibration at this time.

Rose, Cardamom + Clove Tea



This tea remedy is sure to help you feel grounded and surrounded with love. Rose petals help to boost self-esteem and mental strength. Cardamom will help you regain mental stability and self-control. Clove is said to help integrate independence, courage and integrity. All of these potent and beautiful flavors come together to give you such a romantic, light and feminine taste.

•8-11 cloves
•1 heaping tsp organic rose petals and buds
•3-4 cardamom pods
•1 1/2 cups of water



•boil 1 1/2 cup of water
•place your rose, cardamom and cloves in a mug
•once water comes to a boil, pour into your mug and let steep for 10-15 minutes
•strain the petals, pods and cloves out and enjoy your tea warm or add ice
•if you wish, add a few extra petals, pods and cloves for garnish



Supercharge Your Tea
•place tea amongst your favorite gemstones and crystals
•set and intention and take a few moments to meditate on it
•imagine bright light surrounding you, your tea and your newly harvested intention(s)

Enjoy every sip! Xoxo 

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